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Bosque Medicinal is a Conservation Project in the Ecuadorian Amazon

The collective effort of the Bosque Medicinal team is to raise awareness of the importance of the rainforest’s biodiversity. This ecosystem is one of the most diverse in the world, connecting some of the world’s most important resources. Finally, Bosque Medicinal understands that caring for water, natural medicines and the world’s biggest source of oxygen means caring directly about the interconnectedness of the human being.


Bosque Medicinal is dedicated to protecting the rainforest, seeding new trees and participating in reforestation projects. We are also involved in educating children and adults alike about the flora and fauna of the rainforest and the importance of all of these ecosystems.


Supporting the El Paraiso Ecological Reserve

Support of the Ecological Reserve El Paraiso is mainly aimed at preserving the rain forest and its biodiversity in this particular area of the Runahurco reservation. We seek to engage the general public in the protection of the nature, chart the territory and track its changes, significant locations, species distribution and biodiversity. We want to emphasize the importance of local ecosystems on a wider scale, to highlight current problems, and to provide information about events and attractions in the region.

In summary, the six primary areas of our project's focus are:

  1. Forest protection

  2. Conservation of biodiversity of plants and animals

  3. Reforestation of "el Paraiso's" neighboring deforested areas

  4. Support of local communities

  5. Promotion and cooperation with the Runahurco Reserve management

  6. Supporting Ecotourism


Establishment of a Botanical Garden & Tree Nursery

This project  will focus on collecting plants from all over the upper Amazon. Plants and trees which are used in traditional natural medicine, traditional art, traditional architecture and crafts. Future visitors will become acquainted with these plants, get to know the environment in which the plants grow, possibilities of their utilization, their medicinal effects and traditional methods of their use.


The nursery of tree and plant seedlings will help to reforest deforested areas and to support other environmental projects. Tree seedlings and various plant species will be mainly used by ecological projects in recovery of damaged ecosystems.


Educational system Project's educational system is not only dedicated to students of vocational subjects (such as zoology, botany, herbalism or environmental protection), its purpose is to teach children and adults about the importance and necessity of forest ecosystems.It aims to access alternative forms of learning about nature on site or in the surrounding areas.


Ecuador Team

Name: Roman Kollar

FromCzech Republic

Experience: Five years living in Ecuador with his family, studying and working with plants in traditional medicine. Farmer and gardener.


Role: Founder and coordinator of BosqueMedicinal project, Czech representative of in Ecuador.

Name: Fredy Iván Nugra Salazar


Experience: Studied Biology in the University of Azuay and working in The Charles Foundation. Botany and aquatic ecology researcher (vascular and lichen flora) at the University of Azuay. Studied also Agroecology in order to combat the many negative factors of conventional agriculture, to promote agricultural production while conserving natural resources.


Role: Primary social actor for Bosque Medicinal


Name: Ronal Edison Chaca Espinoza


Experience: Lcdo. - Tourism in the University of Azuay. Mg. - Tourism Planning of the University of Azuay. National Tourism Guide. Teacher of the School of Tourism of the University of Azuay in areas related to: tourism planning, territory and local development. Phd. - Tourism of the University of the Balearic Islands in Spain


Role: Eco-tourism expert and government liaison

Name: Gabriel Cucalon


Experience: Life lover, passionate about music and arts. After living and traveling within the United States for 6 years, he came back to his country to reconnect with nature, traditional medicine and natural healing methods.

Role: Media consultant of BosqueMedicinal project

International Team


Name: Petra Hlaváčková

FromCzech Republic

Experience: Tattoo Artist, curently based in Berlin, Participation in
charitable tattoo events, traveling around the world and galaxy, studied Illustration and Animation.

Role: Founder of the project


Name:  Jason Albert


Experience: Problem solver, nature lover, rock climber, mountain biker, adventurer, vagabond, husband, and father who also works with web technology on a near daily basis.

Role: Technical Advisor, Webmaster, Photography, & Video.

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