Volunteer in Ecuador

Four times a year we bring a small group of volunteers out to experience the Amazon rainforest, and to be part of the communities that live there. We volunteer for Bosque Medicinal, our sister NGO based in Ecuador, to help fulfill their mission of direct conservation, scientific investigation, and community education. Join us and revitalize yourself while caring for one of the most precious ecosystems on the planet.



The challenge for 2021 - Volunteering in the Amazon rainforest continues


Even Covid will not stop us in our efforts to care for and protect the rainforest and support local communities, on the contrary, in this difficult period, it is showing the importance of our activities, and not only ours, cooperation, global support, empathy. Therefore, there is a challenge for the next period, which will be attended by cameras of the CT crew, which will shoot a documentary about our project and cooperation with all partners, especially the university community represented by scientists and students and you, enthusiasts who realize the vision of sustainability of nature in our world.


The 20-day volunteer program goes with great results, other dates are:

8.2. - 27.2.2021; 28.6.– 7.7.2021; 6.9. - 25.9.2021; 22.11. - 11.12.2021.


Help us protect the rainforest, take part in conservation patrols, put your hand to the work and take care of the El Paraiso reservation and the Refugio rainforest ecostation with us.

Get involved in the life of the local Native American community at their home, in their natural environment. The reward will be for you their ancient wisdom and learning about living in natural harmony with untouched nature.

For more information about our current volunteer opportunities please visit our

Czech partner organization Forest.ink

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