Forest.Ink is about helping humans live a more conscientious life, of shedding long-set habits, and helping us realize the self in order to attain our dreams. We connect traditions, organizations, and movements that work towards building a healthier world, beginning with the self, and resulting in the universal.

Along with Bosque Medicinal, we are investing in the construction of educational programs and infrastructure to reconnect with the rainforests. By seeing and directly experiencing these beautiful ecosystems, we help educate our societies of their importance and interconnectivity with our own lives.

University of Azuay


The University of Azuay in Cuenca is one of our key partners, working with Bosque Medicinal towards a responsible and conscientious understanding of the rainforest and the cultures within. Together with Bosque Medicinal, the departments of Tourism, Biology, and Psychology bring in researchers, and offer opportunities for their students to work with the rainforests. Additionally, these programs are instrumental in developing and strengthening connections, awareness, and understanding of the Shuar culture and community. This intercultural approach improves the living conditions of the local communities by strengthening the regional economy through innovative eco-tourism and scientific research. This is done with full respect for, and in conjunction with, the Shuar community.

Bosque Medicinal Switzerland

Bosque Medicinal Switzerland

We are friends and enthusiasts of Bosque Medicinal located in Switzerland.  The purpose of the Swiss association is to support the Bosque Medicinal Foundation in Ecuador through international awareness campaigns and fundraising efforts.


Our main focus will be to share the information about the importance of regions with dense biodiversity within our earth's ecosystem and the role of the Ecuadorian Amazon in it. Even for us on the other side of the world this matters.




Sklenářka is our partner organization, and the site of our physical location in the Czech Republic. Sklenářka is a 100 year old villa in the heart of a beautiful forest dedicated to yoga, meditation, natural healing, and education.




United Consortium for the Development of the Amazon (UNIDA) is a unique multi-disciplinary platform of universities, non-profit organizations and private companies working together on the sustainable development of the Amazon.



Bosque Medicinal is here to help humans remember the healing power of nature. We are a registered foundation in Ecuador dedicated to the preservation of the jungle in the Amazon.


The collective effort of our work is to raise awareness about the importance of jungle biodiversity and honor the world's most biologically diverse ecosystem.


Bosque Medicinal understands that caring for the world's largest source of oxygen, fresh water, and natural medicines means caring directly about the interconnection between humans and nature.


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