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New dates for volunteer programs 2023

Volunteer in Ecuador

Becomes the guardian of the forest station. We are looking for couples or smaller groups of volunteers for long-term stays in the forest station. The main purpose of the assistance is to guard and maintain the forest station for at least three-week shifts. ,

More information on email: contact Bosque Medicinal Volunteer program Four times a year are coming a small groups of volunteers from our sister organisation They come for experience the Amazon rainforest, and to be part of the communities that live there, to help fulfill the Bosque Medicinal mission of direct conservation, scientific investigation, and community education. Join us and revitalize yourself while caring for one of the most precious ecosystems on the planet. The challenge for 2023 - Volunteering in the Amazon rainforest continues. The 20-day volunteer program goes with great results, other dates are: 21.11. - 11.12. 2022 06.02. – 26.02. 2023 10.04 - 30.04. 2023 25.09. - 15.10. 2023

For more information about our current volunteer opportunities please visit our Czech partner organization

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