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The first film in the Czech TV

We are excited people from all around the world pay attention to our activitiesfor protecting the Amazonian rainforest. In February visited the jungle refuge of Bosque Medicinal a film crew from the Czech Republic. They managed to shoot a rich material about the project and the alarming situation in Amazonia. The first film "Češi zachraňují Amazonii" which stem from this cooperation have already premiered in the Czech TV. It covers the volunteering program organized by the partner organization Forrest Ink. We are very grateful for the positive reception. We are looking forward to the upcoming second documentary on deforestation in broader context by the team of authors Martin Smékal, Jiří Šlofar a Ondřej Hájek premiering until the end of this year.

The documentary "Češi zachraňují Amazoniii" s available online on the Czech Television website.

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