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Volunteering programme in September

Experience 21 intensive days in Amazonian jungle. Volunteering programme organized by Forrest Ink (in cooperation with Bosque Medicinal) starts in a week. The journey into the „lungs of the Earth“ is as well a journey to your heart.

During the stay you participate in a meaningful work on preservation and reforestation of Amazonia. You experience community lifestyle and family-like togetherness of the international volunteering team (last terms guys from Switzerland, Poland, Israel, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and the U.S. took part). You can expect every day in beautiful wild nature, trips to waterfalls and to indigenous villages (Shuar community) same as cooperation with academics and local experts on Amazonia. You will sing and dance out of joy.

In todays post we are introducing to you Lenka and Martina who also traveled to Ecuador as a volunteers.

And what was their experience from the rainforest and to who does they recommend the trip?


"My experience with Bosque Medicinal is, simply, very healing. Being surrounded by wild untouched nature is healing. Being surrounded by a community of loving and caring people is healing. The work with purpose is healing.

Here in Amazonia, you become truly aware we are one–one ecosystem–the one inside us and the surrounding one, which we call Mother Earth.

And you become aware that by planting one tiny tree you take part in something bigger - the common future of this planet.

And all of sudden all matters - every piece of garbage you throw away, every preserved hectare of untouched jungle, every stream of pure water. We become aware that we care for nature as much as we care for ourselves.

Bosque Medicinal is a place you heal from your illusions. Your illusion the ecosystem of this planet is not as damaged. Same as the illusion that one person cannot make a difference. Come to be the change, for yourself, as well: . Or support financially: "


"Staying in the rainforest with Bosque Medicinal and Forest ink was an incredibly powerful experience for me, which helped me get back to the right path - the path to health and love. It helped me compare values and realize what I really care about in life. It allowed me to see how I am influenced by what was given to my life by upbringing and society, and to recognize what is the sincere language of my soul and my heart. I don't even know the reason why I went, I just felt it somehow, so I decided to go to the forest. I work in the field of ecological sustainability and that is why I was very attracted to conservation and working right in the rainforest. At the same time, I was coming to the forest at a time when I felt tired, weakened by city life and work. The jungle had a very healing and rechargeable energy for me. Not only nature itself, but also the people I met on this project will forever remain in my heart and I thank them all for becoming my teachers. I thank Mother Nature for being an incredibly great teacher and healer, and she has further confirmed to me how important it is to take care of nature, worship her wisdom, and protect it from the blindness of today's fast-paced times. Thank you to all those behind the Forest Ink and Bosque Medicinal projects for doing what you do and you are having my great respect. I would recommend this project to all people who love nature, like to step out of their comfort zone, maybe they are also tired of the city at the moment or just want to spend some time with nature. Ecuador itself is an incredibly beautiful country and will forever remain my home."

Our next trip to Ecuador is coming up soon! Secure your spot by signing up at

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